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It's not about the jewelry...

She doesn’t just want jewelry- she wants the feeling that it gives her.

She wants to feel valued and valuable.

She wants to feel impressive and powerful.

She wants to feel beautiful and luxurious.

It’s not about the jewelry.

She wants to feel it whether she is at home or out.

She wants to feel it when she goes into any situation where she needs to be on her a-game.

She wants to feel it when she gets dressed in the morning and when she gets undressed in the evening.

It’s not about the jewelry and she might not even know it yet.

91% of women are unhappy with their bodies, and it doesn’t matter if their partner constantly praises their body or not.

See, she doesn’t know how the light hits her curves in the morning and how radiant she looks.

So, she throws her robe on before you can see.

She doesn’t see herself in the angles and positions that you adore.

She is limited- to the mirror and the light in the bathroom.

Her body image doesn’t just come from your compliments.

I have identified 5 Key Elements that contribute to women’s body image, and you can find examples of them everywhere.

Digging into these elements is absolutely vital to helping the special woman in your life take control of her body image once and for all.

If you are seeking a deeper understanding of your lady’s body image…

If you want her to see herself the way you do…

If you want to give her the best Christmas EVER after 2 years of stressful pandemic life…

Don’t just get her jewelry.

Let her know that there is a body love revolution going on in South Carolina!

You can tell her that you care in the most impactful way possible- by nurturing her self-image.

Read about the 5 Key Elements of Body Image HERE.

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