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Dare to be real. Dare to shine.


Limited dates are available for Summer 2024.

Guests can choose their adventure by reserving a studio session, an outdoor session, or a combination of both.

Outdoor sets are available through October 2024.
I'm here to help every woman step into her life with more confidence and self-worth, and I have made it my business to transform the way we love ourselves.

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An outdoor photoshoot is the ultimate bold and fearless experience! After traveling down a dirt road passing fields of hay and farm equipment, we arrive at our magical location. Just a short walk through the trees, and we're already starting to feel more uninhibited and a little mischievous.


We explore the space and use the natural elements around us to create portraits that will inspire your unapologetic new life. This is a symbolic gesture that reaches our core. It tells us that we are safe to be seen, we are worthy of an exceptional life, and we are walking artwork.

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