Your Experience 

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What to Expect

Do you remember the last time you wore your favorite lingerie? Do you remember the boost that you felt?

Bare Elegance Boudoir Photography gives you the opportunity to harness your own unique sensuality and preserve that feeling, that boost!


Many of us think that these intimate photographs are captured just for our significant other. But that is not the case with Bare Elegance.  I have developed an intimate portraiture service focused on the most important part of the session... you!


After your consultation, I will serve you by making your choices easier by supporting you through the process of choosing a location, wardrobe, and accessories. I will select poses, lighting, and angles that showcase your natural glow.


I want to make sure that when you look back on this experience you feel empowered and reminded of the luminous beauty that you are. 




Your Bare Elegance experience will be a half-day of pampering and luxury.


Your hair and makeup will be perfected by our expert team. I will present the boudie closet client wardrobe where you may select any additional pieces you care to use in your shoot. 


Your images will be captured in a private environment where I will direct you in posing and facial expression from head to toe.

You don't have to worry about the details when you choose Bare Elegance. We have got you covered from start to finish! You can sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Following your session, you will enjoy your lunch break while I prepare your photos for your viewing and ordering appointment on the very same day! All photographs are purchased separately from the session cost. Orders are made on the day of the session.


I will assist you in product selection the very same day and when you leave you will have confidence that you have selected the right keepsakes for yourself and your home.


You deserve to be celebrated as you are and I am here to help you create that experience!