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Important announcement: Our studio will be closing on November 30th!

It is time for Bare Elegance to transform into something new and different. Although the studio has been an incredible place to create artwork for over 4 years, it has become my comfort zone.

I love being able to create a consistent product for my guests and having full control over my conditions, but I'm craving something new and exciting!

After the studio closes, I will continue offering outdoor sessions and in-home boudoir. 

I want to photograph as many babes as possible between now and November 30th so we can go out with a bang! All the women who have been putting self-image on the back burner have one last chance to experience the original Bare Elegance studio.

I'm here to help every woman step into her life with more confidence and self-worth, and I have made it my business to transform the way we love ourselves.

Enjoy on-site makeup styling, one of the studio's epic sets, and next-day online photo reveal before time runs out.

To reserve your date or request more information, complete the contact form today!

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