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The 5 Key Elements of Body Image-

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

You have just made a bold decision, and that means we already have a lot in common!

Not everyone is ready for this journey, but you are taking a huge step towards improving your confidence no matter what your future body goals may be.

You have taken a leap of faith because you know deep down, that loving your body more IS possible.

You feel it when you see a woman your size rocking a hot outfit and you think "damn she looks good."

You experience it when you put on an outfit or lingerie that makes you feel powerful and sexy.

Here's to creating that feeling intentionally, every single day.

Here's to learning to love ourselves in photos, and in life!

After dozens of conversations with real women, I have discovered 5 Key Elements of Body Image that determine how we feel about our own bodies.

And let me tell you a BIG secret: body image has almost nothing to do with women's actual bodies!

Read on to learn how to improve the way you see yourself when you look in the mirror and join the Bare Babes in a Body Love Revolution!

**CW- body image, weight loss, family trauma**