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Wild and Free-

to be me

I believe that every person deserves to love themselves.

My journey has shown me that all women are truly and wonderfully beautiful.

At first, it was about photos- women came to me to create a gift for their partners, or to reconnect with their bodies, and I was loving it.

But then I started photographing myself and that’s when I really discovered the true power of boudoir...

I realized that women don’t really need their bodies to change in order to feel beautiful and confident and worthy and sexy.

And that’s when I discovered that Bare Elegance isn’t just about the photos.

It’s really about the transformation on the soul level.

It’s about showing women all the beauty they’ve been missing in themselves.

It’s seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes- the eyes of an artist who specializes in women’s experiences.

I’m obsessed with this work, and I’m inviting you to step into your life more powerfully with the self-image that you deserve.