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The Embrace Your Shape Project: Ms. P

Hey babes! As you may know, we here at Bare Elegance Boudoir have been working on

a project called The Embrace Your Shape Project.

This is where we help tell the stories of babes just like you who have taken the boudoir plunge to help them embrace their bodies.

Our blog series will share what their boudoir experience has meant for them before, during, and after their session.

Our beautiful babe today is Ms. P. She was so much fun to work with and I loved her attitude of "no time like the present". She was so easy-going and fun! We think she is so inspiring, and we hope that her story touches you as much as it touched us!

You’ll see us chime in with a few comments here and there, and you’ll know it’s us when you see the words in italics like this:

Tell me your story. What do you want people to know about who you are and why you are participating in this project?

"I am a 62 year old nurse who has always looked out for others before myself. As I look around me during these disturbing times we are experiencing, I realize just how important each and every moment is. I just lost a close friend to covid and it further reminded me that life is precious and not to be wasted. If you have opportunities, now is the time to embrace them… and embrace your shape….and embrace your age…."

Tell me about all of your favorite features and the things you would like to emphasize in your photos! This can include physical body parts or a part of your personality!

"I think I have a decent smile….and sense of humor….lol"

Are you nervous about having boudoir portraits done? Tell me about your feelings leading up to your shoot.

"Scared…to…..death….Really I hope I don’t have a heart attack before this shoot…lol. I’m nervous but extremely excited!"

So often our clients express anxiety and nervousness before their session. Ms. P showed up with a can-do attitude and that's the most important ingredient for a great day in the studio.

What do you want other women to think and feel when they view your portraits in your featured blog post? Is there anything else you want to share?

"All women should be able to live who they are and love who they are."

"Live who they are"... I love that!

Now that your session is over, how do you feel about the experience? Was it everything you had hoped?

"Wow!!!…..amazing!!! Ginny and Amy were exceptional at making me feel comfortable and more at ease. It was way beyond what I had hoped."

YAYYY!! That's the kind of reaction we strive for with every single client- in fact, it's guaranteed!

Tell me something that you learned about yourself from having this experience.

"I learned that I don’t need to be so timid. I feel like I have more control and self respect over events and people in my life. I’m a stronger woman than I thought I was. Thank you for that."

If you were nervous before, tell me when your nervousness disappeared.

"My nervousness pretty much disappeared the moment I met Ginny and Amy. They were the best welcoming committee!"

Do you have a final message or take-away from the Embrace Your Shape Project?

"I feel a lot better about myself and my appearance than I did before. This project gave me a fresh outlook that I definitely was in desperate need of at this time in my life. I am extremely grateful to have had this unique opportunity."

And we are so grateful for the opportunity to guide her through this soul transformation! Here's to more radical confidence and positivity in the future!

Don't miss our Embrace Your Shape exhibition featuring 10 women who want to inspire you! Let me tell you: the portraits are take on a different life when they are displayed in print! Hope we will see you there and in the meantime, don't wait to start embracing your shape.

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