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Shaking up beauty standards long before #bodypositivity was a thing

Maybe you have heard of her- she's the plus-sized pinup icon you probably see in memes on National Nude Gardening day!

She's Hilda, and she's everyone's favorite quirky pinup queen.

Hilda is one with nature

Hilda is the star of such an amazing pinup series from years ago. It was only a matter of time before the Bare Babes community decided to come together and re-imagine some of her most iconic scenes!

Hilda was shaking up beauty standards long before #bodypositivity was a thing, and we respect her for her ability to show us cuteness and sexiness in everyday situations- with a little dash of wimsy.

One of Hilda's most impressive skills is her ability to interact with nature like a Disney princess!

We really embraced this personality trait in our first Hilda set, and we put a little twist on this vintage beauty.

Look, it's 2021, and the fact is there some "Hilda" in every one of us.

It was clear that the classic Hilda character needed to be updated to represent more women! So we didn't do 1 photoshoot, we did