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I'll bet you have these 5 things in your closet right now!

Our studio wardrobe has so many options for our clients who don't have a stash of lingerie at home, but did you know that you already have a handful of items in your closet that would be great to bring in for your boudoir shoot?

Whether you're spending a day in the studio or creating self-portraits at home, try using these 5 items in your next photoshoot!

#1- Your favorite bra and panty set

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't!

Your cutest set will look even better when you showcase it in boudoir portraits!

Considering a maternity boudoir session?

Maternity lingerie can be hard to find, but your favorite bra and panty with a beautiful robe will make you feel like a work of art when you see your portraits!

#2- A comfy cozy sweater

You simply can't go wrong with a slouchy sweater and a pair of cheeky undies!

Check out the girl-next-door vibes this sweet combo provides!

Pair this look with high socks for a youthful, flirtatious feel that accentuates those gorgeous legs!

3- Your sexiest, most fierce heels

If you're like me, you don't wear your favorite heels nearly often enough- if ever!

Well, you're definitely going to need to bring them in for your boudoir shoot!

It's ok if you don't get to rock those heels as much as you would like. You can still appreciate them in your boudoir portraits!

The best part is, you can remember your glorious boudoir photo shoot every time you wear them from now on!

**Just make sure your shoes are new or VERY clean for your session**

#4- That cute crop top or your sassy daisy dukes

Crop tops are one of the most underutilized clothing items in boudoir shoots!

If you are a sporty girl, a crop top could be the perfect way to honor your athleticism in your portraits!

Is your vibe more like short shorts and cowboy boots?

YES they will also look amazing in boudoir photos!

#5- Jewelry

Your photos should reflect your personality!

So if you are a fan of all things shiny, we definitely need to show off your jewelry collection!

Your boudoir photoshoot is all about making you feel like a queen!

Getting all decked out in your favorite jewelry is one sure-fire way to feel like royalty!

The main thing to remember is this: you should feel like YOU in your boudoir portraits.

Have more questions about wardrobe? Don't worry! We provide all of our clients with one-on-one consultations and a wardrobe guide to help you prepare!

See you soon, babe!

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