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I'll bet you have these 5 things in your closet right now!

Our studio wardrobe has so many options for our clients who don't have a stash of lingerie at home, but did you know that you already have a handful of items in your closet that would be great to bring in for your boudoir shoot?

Whether you're spending a day in the studio or creating self-portraits at home, try using these 5 items in your next photoshoot!

#1- Your favorite bra and panty set

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't!

Your cutest set will look even better when you showcase it in boudoir portraits!

Considering a maternity boudoir session?

Maternity lingerie can be hard to find, but your favorite bra and panty with a beautiful robe will make you feel like a work of art when you see your