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How Boudoir Can Help You be Kinder to You

We’ve talked before on this blog about how difficult it is to love yourself in this world.

With magazines, talk shows, and media in general constantly pushing things like fad diets and impossible standards to live up to, it’s no wonder that babes like us often struggle with issues like self-confidence. So today, we’re going to talk about boudoir shoots and how they can show you that you’re perfectly sexy right here, right now, without trying extreme diets or plastic surgery or whatever Cosmo says you should be doing.

Like most of us, I have for years struggled with self-esteem. As a self-proclaimed

fluffy-and-fabulous lady, I’ve often wished I could be thinner, have a slimmer face, less volume all around. But as I’ve grown and become more determined to love myself as I am, I decided to do something different. I signed up for a boudoir shoot, and LET ME TELL YOU, I am a different person. Here’s what I, and many others who have taken the plunge, have learned.

The Model Experience

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to be a model for a day? A good boudoir

photographer loves to show you exactly what that’s like. You get dolled up and are greeted by someone who just CAN’T WAIT to see you in less clothing, and that’s a fantastic experience. They are there for YOU, and YOU are inspiring them to create something beautiful. Being someone’s muse for a day is something special, and that experience sticks with you long afterthe last click of the camera.

Seeing Yourself Differently

It’s not always easy to imagine yourself as some sort of sex-pot, but boudoir shoots are

tailor-made to show off exactly what you already have. When the photos come back, you get to see yourself in a completely different light. Suddenly you’re seeing yourself through the eyes of an artist, and the results are incredible. Whether you realize that your curves are rocking harder than you thought or you’ve discovered that you have a killer come-hither gaze, you’re going to see something new, and that’s powerful. After my own shoot, I couldn’t wait to show off, and knowing what I look like in those photos made me see what others see. Months later, I’m still sashaying around like the diva I’ve always been, but haven’t always been aware of.

Long-Lasting Benefits

Once you’ve seen yourself as the sexy, stunning babe you are, suddenly those

magazines and talk shows and cruel posts on the interwebs have less power. Sure, I still

occasionally wish I looked a little different, but when those thoughts creep up, I can pull up those pictures, remember how it felt, and suddenly I feel just like I did in the photoshoot all over again. No, you DON’T need to change to look sexy, because you have photographic evidence that you are sexy exactly as you are. It’s hard to argue with proof, and when that proof is just a click away, or as close as grabbing a book full of yourself looking like the goddess you are, fighting off those negative

feelings can be a lot easier.

So if you’re considering taking the plunge, take it from this boudie-veteran; it’s worth it. Everyone deserves to see themselves as sexy, elegant muses, and boudoir shoots are a prime way to get that experience.

Written by Kasey Schroer

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