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Goth Gatsby- Studio Spotlight

Our fourth and final set in the Bare Elegance studio is called Goth Gatsby. Named for it's antique setee, a black French-style art deco piece that rests under a sparkling gold chandelier lamp.

Check out all of the sparkling details of this breathtaking set that combines past and present with an opulent flair.

Texture can be found everywhere you turn in Goth Gatsby. From the golden crepe curtains, to the velvet throw, you will feel the luxury as you pose throughout this beautiful space.

Check out Goth Gatsby all decked out for the holidays! The glittering chandelier provides a sparkling element in the foreground of some of our favorite shots from this set.

This set provides a stunning and daring contrast to the other sets in the studio. The black and crimson with sparkling gold is sure to bring out the inner vixen in any babe.

Sometimes we even add a darker shade of lip color to complete the look and to add an extra element of variety!

The show-stopping Gatsby lamp is covered in shining crystals and it's a client favorite! Check out this angle featuring the amazing Gatsby lamp casting its light on this model's sultry face. Click the photo to expand.

Goth Queen ends your gallery with a bang!

After rocking your photoshoot through the entire studio, you will feel like the queen of the world and you will look the part.

Curious about what comes after the photoshoot? Click HERE to learn what a full day is like in my private, decked-out oasis where you can forget about the world outside and focus on YOU, even for just one day.

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