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Body Love Project: Mrs. K

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The Body Love Project is our series dedicated to self-image and body positivity. We are featuring women of all ages, shapes, and sizes who took the plunge and had an empowering boudoir shoot with us!

Mrs. K realized that her body image was having an impact on the people she loves most and she decided to make a change in her mindset!

This is Mrs. K's experience in her own words. Our commentary and interview questions will be shown in italics so you know it's us.

Tell me your story. What do you want people to know about who you are and why you are participating in this project?

"I’m not the best at writing stories and expressing my feelings but here goes nothing…. I have always been slender and very athletic. I never worried much about my weight. That was about 2004 BC (before children!). With each child, I never returned to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have struggled since to get back to a normal size. At my heaviest, I was about 185 and felt so bad about myself. My 3 daughters always watched me struggle with dieting and poor body image and it began to have a negative effect on them. It was then that I realized that I needed to do something….anything….so they wouldn’t struggle the same way I did. One day it finally dawned on me….a confident woman is a beautiful woman! It doesn’t matter how overweight you are (or think you are), if you are confident about yourself, others are attracted to you. It’s all about your personality, and that personality of mine is HUGE!"

Tell me about all of your favorite features and the things you would like to emphasize in your photos! This can include physical body parts or a part of your personality!

I am not the least bit shy. I guess it is from working in the healthcare industry for 21 years. I am willing to try anything once, twice if I like it and 3 times just to make sure! Lol. If you want to do a fun pose, try something new and crazy then I’m your girl. I love to laugh and make people laugh!! My least favorite part of my body is my stomach. My favorite is my boobs and lips.

Mrs. K was not kidding when she said she was up for anything! We had a blast trying new poses and bringing out her silly side while encouraging her to embrace those areas that had been causing her to feel self-conscious. She looked stunning!

When did you decide that Bare Elegance was the right boudoir studio for you? Was there any one moment that stands out in your mind?

I feel like I have known you forever, since the first time we talked. It was like talking to a long time friend. This made me know that we would have a great shoot!

What do you want other women to think and feel when they view your portraits in your featured blog post? Is there anything else you want to share?

I want them to say WOW! She’s 42, has three kids and is not a size 2. She’s just like me!!! If she can do this and look and feel great about herself, then so can I.

We caught up with Mrs. K after her session to hear her final thoughts after seeing her photographs!

Now that your session is over, how do you feel about the experience? Was it everything you had hoped?

OMG, Ginny made this the most fun and exciting experience ever. She had the best personality and I had a blast. If you’re on the fence about doing this, think no more!! Just do it!

Tell me something that you learned about yourself from having this experience.

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, you are beautiful. The key is loving yourself first.

If you were nervous before, tell me when your nervousness disappeared.

There is no way to be shy around Ginny. She makes you feel like it was a day just handing out with your best friend!

Do you have a final message or take-away from the Body Love Project?

Be the woman that straightens another woman’s crown. We should all be a cheerleader for other women.

Couldn't have said it better myself! Ready to write your own body love story? Join us in the studio for the Full Experience.

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