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A Body Love Story: Ms. B

Today we are sharing a NEW Body Love Project session, and we are so excited to inspire and intrigue you with the story of Ms. B today. The Body Love Project is all about women JUST LIKE YOU who have taken the plunge and done something outside the box to build confidence NOW. Our Body Love Project clients come in for their session just as they are- au natural, and we transform them into the bombshell just beneath the surface! Ms. B's story is being shared in her own words, but you will also find comments from Bare Elegance throughout. We will be sure to preface our comments with a * just so you know who is talking! Now, let's get into it!

Before her shoot:

"I am, or used to be and still am at times, a timid person who has never really looked at myself and thought of the words beautiful as a descriptor. I have struggled with weight most of my life and as a result poured most of my energy into my education and learning to use my mind as an asset. This has been great, but without confidence to use it and make a difference it is useless. I worked hard to become a Nurse Practitioner in order to educate women about their bodies and how to care for themselves. In the process of doing this I decided that I needed to believe in myself and do the things I was asking my patients to also do. I was in many abusive relationships that also deteriorated my confidence. I have worked hard on myself, lost some weight and started living my dream instead of only wishing it. The Body Love project gives me the opportunity to share my love of being imperfectly perfect. I still see many flaws. I also see someone that I am proud of that has the ability to positively impact lives of many."

*How's that for one hell of a positive message!?