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Every now and then, it's important to address the questions that I find popping up the most often with our clients.

To help you feel prepared and supported, I want to provide answers to all of your questions effectively, so I have prepared this blog post covering all of your burning questions!

Of course, if you have questions beyond what I have covered here, feel free to reach out at any time, babe. I'm here for you!

Let's jump right in!

This is a common question, and one that I am so excited to answer because I get to brag about my amazing Bare Babes Wardrobe!

Here's the deal with the wardrobe situation at Bare Elegance:

- You can bring a nude seamless thong and nothing else! That's right, you don't have to buy lingerie for your photoshoot if you don't want to. The only requirement is that you wear your own nude thong underneath our lingerie.

- You can bring a few pieces from home that you know you really love, and then use the client wardrobe to fill the gaps. If there is a particular style you are hoping to see on my wardrobe rack, make sure you let me know before your session!

- You CAN bring all of your own outfits with you for your photoshoot. You do not have to use any of my wardrobe pieces if you don't want to (of course!).

- I feature multiple couture wardrobe pieces including breathtaking tulle robes, body jewelry, and incredible ostrich feather angel wings!

- I provide an in-depth wardrobe guide to help you prepare for your session. Whether you like to plan everything out beforehand, or just wing it and go with the flow, the wardrobe guide will help you envision the boudoir shoot of your dreams!

Our clients time their sessions according to two factors: special occasions, and budget. Here are some important things to know about timing your session.

- Your custom products will arrive no later than 30 days after your order is complete, so you need to plan ahead when you are considering a boudoir session!

- Our calendar is usually booked several weeks in advance, so be sure to reach out and get on the calendar ahead of time!

- I recommend beginning to plan your session no less than 3 months before your deadline for best results.

- Many of our clients elect to take advantage of our Boudie Bank Prepayment Plan. This gives you the opportunity to pay overtime, save money, and earn freebies and extras.

- If you would like to make your Boudie Bank installments as low as possible, you can reserve your session up to 6 months in advance!

No worries, babe! Here's what you need to know.

- I will direct you in posing and facial expression so there is no need to worry that you will appear awkward.

- I use a step-by-step posing method that ensures that everything is PERFECT from head to toe. I even demonstrate poses if needed!

- An empowered woman is always photogenic. Even if you don't feel that way when you arrive I will be here for you the whole time, providing support, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

Babe, yes you most certainly do. Here's why:

- My process ensures that we get all of your best angles. I promise, you are absolutely beautiful and I can show you that!

- I have worked with clients of all shapes, ages, and sizes. I can assure you that I am prepared for your specific needs and challenges.

- I photograph all of my clients with one secret ingredient: LOVE. My magical lens captures the beauty that your loved ones see in you every day.

- All bodies are boudoir bodies ;)

We appreciate your trust, and we think our clients are our best assets! We want to thank you for sharing your experience and referring your friends with cold, hard Boudie Bucks (studio gift certificates)! Here's how it works:

- Tell all of your friends how excited you are to have a session with Bare Elegance Boudoir. Don't be shy! MOST women want to do this, so you are not alone.

- Make sure they mention your name when booking to lock in a $100 product credit for both of you.

- When your referral books BEFORE your shoot takes place, you earn DOUBLE product credit to apply to wall art, retroviewers, and other add-on products at your shoot!

Download the full guide HERE

Well there are a million ways I could answer this question, but let's just sum it up with these 10:

- Boudoir photography is the little-known secret that the diet industry doesn't want you to know about.

-Boudoir can build confidence NOW without changing one single thing about your body... guaranteed!

-You don't have to lose weight or have surgery to reclaim the confidence you crave! The problem isn't from the shoulders down, it's all in your head!

- Every woman can rock a boudoir shoot! We specialize in photographing women of ALL shapes, sizes, and ages. Your beauty has nothing to do with any of these anyway!

- Most of my clients do not even realize that they are so photogenic until they see their photographs!

- Women who invest in themselves have happier lives!

- You can start learning to love your body RIGHT NOW

- Rediscover your sensuality and really connect with your body.

- Showcase your beauty every day in museum qualityartwork!

- Remember not to be so hard on yourself!

This is the fun part. Allow me to explain what your experience will be like:

- We’re going to spend the day pampering you and making sure that you leave the studio feeling like a new woman. Your artwork will help you relive your confidence-building experience for years to come.

- We are going to help you get prepared for your session with lots of communication and resources.

- We’re going to provide lavish hair and makeup with lash service, but we will also provide a warm, inviting, and safe environment.

- Again and again, our clients are blown away by their transformations at Bare Elegance, and I personally ensure that every client LOVES their experience.

- During your session, you will have access to our extravagant client wardrobe.

- You can expect your photoshoot to last about 2 hours. I apply the Bare Babes posing system, which I developed specifically to demonstrate the beauty of women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

- After your session and lunch break, you will view your photos as proofs on the very same day! This is a huge step in the Bare Babe Transformation.

- I show all of our babes unretouched photographs at their viewing and ordering appointments. Why? Because they look AMAZING, that's why.

- After you choose your favorites, my professional retouching service finishes all of your selected images to perfection.

All of this is included with your reservation, and artwork packages are available for purchase separately.

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