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Every now and then, it's important to address the questions that I find popping up the most often with our clients.

To help you feel prepared and supported, I want to provide answers to all of your questions effectively, so I have prepared this blog post covering all of your burning questions!

Of course, if you have questions beyond what I have covered here, feel free to reach out at any time, babe. I'm here for you!

Let's jump right in!

This is a common question, and one that I am so excited to answer because I get to brag about my amazing Bare Babes Wardrobe!

Here's the deal with the wardrobe situation at Bare Elegance:

- You can bring a nude seamless thong and nothing else! That's right, you don't have to buy lingerie for your photoshoot if you don't want to. The only requirement is that you wear your own nude thong underneath our lingerie.

- You can bring a few pieces from home that you know you really love, and then use the client wardrobe to fill the gaps. If there is a particular style you are hoping to see on my wardrobe rack, make sure you let me know before your session!

- You CAN bring all of your own outfits with you for your photoshoot. You do not have to use any of my wardrobe pieces if you don't want to (of course!).

- I feature multiple couture wardrobe pieces including breathtaking tulle robes, body jewelry, and incredible ostrich feather angel wings!

- I provide an in-depth wardrobe guide to help you prepare for your session. Whether you like to plan everything out beforehand, or just wing it and go with the flow, the wardrobe guide will help you envision the boudoir shoot of your dreams!