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The Selfish Babe's Boudie Guide

Are you a single babe interested in a boudoir session? Or are you a partnered babe who is doing a boudoir shoot just for yourself?

Are you feeling a little selfish? Worried about how you might display your artwork if it isn't being "gifted" to anyone else?

Well worry no more! This guide will give you some great ideas for getting the most out of your boudoir portraits for years to come!

-Display your portraits as wall art!

My custom metal wall art is my very favorite product. There is no feeling quite like proudly displaying your photo on the walls of your home!

When my clients are having a rough day, they can always look at their show-stopping wall art for a reminder of their unique beauty!

I don't know anyone who wouldn't love that!

- Bust out your album at your next girls' night!

Need an excuse to invite all your babes over? Tell them that your incredible leather boudoir album has arrived and they will rush to your door!

It might sound strange to show off your boudoir portraits to your friends, but I promise, your friends will love your album as much as you do!

They will be so inspired that you took the leap and got the boudoir portraits you really deserve. Maybe they will even book their own session so they can experience the boost, too!

- View your digital copies on your phone when you need a pick-me-up!

Most of our packages come with digital copies of each selected photograph! That means you can save them on your phone and take them with you into the world!

Do you hate dressing rooms? Take a look at one of your portraits while shopping to boost your confidence!

Do you feel insecure in public places? One glance at your incredible portraits will have you feeling more like the beautiful woman that you are!

How do YOU want to display your boudoir portraits?

To see more about our luxurious line of artwork, watch our video HERE!

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