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The Anti-Resolution Movement

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having goals. There's just one thing I have noticed about New Years Resolutions that has always bothered me.

Most of them require us to undergo some form of restriction, limitation, or unpleasantness.

I see this as a problem because I'm intent on becoming more accepting of myself and allowing more ease and joy in my life.

So, if New Year's Resolutions usually require us to change, I say this year we set anti-resolutions instead.

What is an anti-resolution?

Well, instead of vowing to change a behavior or control a part of our lives more, an anti-resolution is about letting go.

What is my anti-resolution for 2022?

I have decided that whatever I do next year will be enough and worthy of celebrating.

I surrender to the momentum that I have built in my life.