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Revealing? YES, but not how you think!

Boudoir sessions can be revealing or modest- we photograph the full range from fully clothed and sultry to nude and daring! But, did you know that your boudoir session will inevitably reveal much more than just skin? Read on to find out the three things that your boudoir session will really reveal!

#3- Your favorite features are even MORE beautiful than you think!

Do you look in the mirror and think, wow my eyes are really beautiful!

Or maybe you know for a fact that your booty is to die for!

Most of us can find at least one little thing that is beautiful about ourselves.

Yes, your boudoir shoot will showcase your favorite feature, but you will also see how that one beautiful thing adds to your overall gorgeousness!

It's easy to focus on one part of yourself when looking in a mirror, but when you view your portraits, you will realize how incredible the full package is!

#2- Your "imperfections" don't make you less beautiful!

Much like your favorite features, your most anxiety-inducing areas can really draw your attention when you choose to focus on them.

This can be especially damaging for women who are struggling with body image, but your boudoir shoot will reveal that your perceived flaws don't define you!

Imagine this: your favorite features are on display, and the entirety of your beauty captured in a lovingly crafted portrait!

You will see yourself in a totally new light and this will allow you to embrace the parts of your body that have seemed undesirable to you in the past!

#1- There is a side of you that your loved ones admire, but you seldom get to see!

Have you ever received a compliment?

Did you believe it?

Many of us have no trouble finding beauty and worthiness in others, but we struggle to accept compliments when they are directed at us!

Why is that?

Well, maybe you just haven't seen yourself through someone else's eyes!

I have a way of showing my clients exactly what their loved ones see, through the lens of my camera!

Are you ready for a day of admiring yourself for a change?

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