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I was worried I wouldn't like any of the pictures...

Updated: May 26, 2021

Hey there babes! We're back with another Body Love Project story, and this one features our INSANE outdoor set from summer 2020! Like most of our Body Love Babes, Ms. D didn't know what to expect from her boudoir shoot. In fact, she was worried she wouldn't like any of her photos!! Sound familiar to you?? If so, don't miss this amazing story. As always, we will interject our own commentary throughout the blog. We will always be sure to mark our comments with an * so you know who is talking!! Enjoy!

*Tell me your story. What do you want people to know about who you are and why you are participating in this project?

I am mom to 2 rambunctious boys, and wife to an amazing, hard-working hubby. I have been working from home since Covid hit, so we don't leave the house much! Ugh! I wanted to be a part of this project to do something for myself. I gained a lot of weight after having my second son 4 years ago, and I recently lost a bunch of that weight, but still don't feel pretty in my own skin. My image of myself in my head doesn't match what others see, and I would like to see the beauty in myself again!

*Tell me about all of your favorite features and the things you would like to emphasize in your photos! This can include physical body parts or a part of your personality!

I like my back, shoulders, and arms. I also like my hips and thighs (or I used to!) Personality-wise, I have confidence in most other parts of my life, and would like to see that confidence come through in pictures of myself and what I see in the mirror!