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I was worried I wouldn't like any of the pictures...

Updated: May 26, 2021

Hey there babes! We're back with another Body Love Project story, and this one features our INSANE outdoor set from summer 2020! Like most of our Body Love Babes, Ms. D didn't know what to expect from her boudoir shoot. In fact, she was worried she wouldn't like any of her photos!! Sound familiar to you?? If so, don't miss this amazing story. As always, we will interject our own commentary throughout the blog. We will always be sure to mark our comments with an * so you know who is talking!! Enjoy!

*Tell me your story. What do you want people to know about who you are and why you are participating in this project?

I am mom to 2 rambunctious boys, and wife to an amazing, hard-working hubby. I have been working from home since Covid hit, so we don't leave the house much! Ugh! I wanted to be a part of this project to do something for myself. I gained a lot of weight after having my second son 4 years ago, and I recently lost a bunch of that weight, but still don't feel pretty in my own skin. My image of myself in my head doesn't match what others see, and I would like to see the beauty in myself again!

*Tell me about all of your favorite features and the things you would like to emphasize in your photos! This can include physical body parts or a part of your personality!

I like my back, shoulders, and arms. I also like my hips and thighs (or I used to!) Personality-wise, I have confidence in most other parts of my life, and would like to see that confidence come through in pictures of myself and what I see in the mirror!

*Are you nervous about having boudoir portraits done? Tell me about your feelings leading up to your shoot.

I'll admit, I was nervous at first, but the closer I get to my session date, the more excited I am. I feel like this experience will give me my confidence back.

*Well Ms. D didn't have anything to worry about. She came in with a great attitude, which is an important ingredient for AMAZING boudoir portraits!

*When did you decide that Bare Elegance was the right boudoir studio for you? Was there any one moment that stands out in your mind?

I have been following Bare Elegance on Facebook for almost 2 years now, and I have thought about booking a session many times. The photos that I saw posted that really got me interested were the ones from the outdoor shoot. I love nature and natural beauty.

*We LOVE our community and it is always such an honor to photograph a babe that has been following our work for some time. Ms. D is a valued member of our VIP group on Facebook- by the way- have you joined yet??

*And what does Ms. D hope that our readers learn from her story?

I want them to feel confident enough to see the beauty in themselves no matter their past experiences, or shape, or size. That is also the hope that I have for myself. I am a pretty modest and reserved person, so if I can take this step out of my comfort zone and gain the confidence that I want and need, then anyone can do it!

*I think that statement deserves a round of applause!!!

*Now that your session is over, how do you feel about the experience? Was it everything you had hoped?

It was everything that I hoped for and so much more!! I was worried I wouldn't like any of the pictures, but the reality was I had so many to choose from that I had a hard time choosing my favorites because they were ALL my favorites! Ginny made it fun and super easy to relax. She is a genius on how to pose your body to capture the best angles and lighting!

*Aw thanks so much Ms. D. We really enjoyed working with you, too!

*Tell me something that you learned about yourself from having this experience.

I learned that even if the pose feels awkward at the time, it conveys beautifully on the finished photo. I learned that the more confidence you have (that SHE gives you during the shoot) the more you begin to anticipate the next pose that will rock the next photo!

*If you were nervous before, tell me when your nervousness disappeared.

Honestly, after the hair and makeup was done, I was pumped! I was so elated by the way that she accentuated my best features that I couldn't wait to put on my fave lingerie and start posing!

*Do you have a final message or take-away from the Body Love Project?

I am thrilled to be apart of this project! I absolutely cannot express how much fun this experience was. Ginny was so chill and funny that I was able to get out of my head and just relax. I let her direct my movements and by the end of the shoot, I was confident enough that she took a couple of pictures of me, undirected, and they turned out awesome too! Best thing for boosting my own self-esteem that I have ever done!

*We are so honored that Ms. D took the leap of faith and booked her DREAM boudoir session in the Bare Garden. Her adventurous spirit definitely came through in her photos. Do you get excited about outdoor boudoir locations? Make sure you are in the Bare Babes Lounge on Facebook so you are the first to know about all of our special sessions including outdoor styled shoots!

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