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I dare you to try this today-

In a world like ours, connecting with our inner selves has to be intentional.

With all the noise surrounding us, sometimes the voice inside gets drowned out...

...or starts screaming at us to fix things, control things, take ACTION.

This can cause us to feel disconnection, overwhelm, anxiety, or moodiness.

But the reality is, every one of us is truly special.

We all have the incredible ability to have a positive effect on those around us.

Whether we directly impact hundreds of others or just the people we love the most, we have the chance to show up as our best selves every single day.

It's undeniable.

Your feelings about yourself and your body turn into words and actions that can help or harm.

Build up, or break down.

You can check in by having a discussion with your inner self about how you are feeling-

with regards to your body, your mind, your impact on others, and your place in this world.

I promise those feelings are worth paying attention to.

Sit somewhere quiet and listen to the chatter of your mind- it may take some time to find the thoughts that are coming from YOU and not from things you have seen and heard.

How do you speak to yourself? How much do you value your own well-being? How well do you treat yourself?

Then, ask yourself this question:

Are you prioritizing your self-care in a way that allows you to fully participate in your own life?

If not, you can begin to change that today by downloading our Bare Babes Workbook.

Our Ezine will shine a light on the negative influences that could be affecting your self-worth.

This is a free resource all about putting tools in your toolbox- helping you to fight back against the negative messages we receive about our bodies every day.

Are you ready? CLICK HERE to download your copy today.

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