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Dear Shorts...

Dear shorts,

I'm confused.

I want to love you, but I don't.

Who is allowed to wear you?

How long should you be?

Am I too old to be seen in you?

I'm angry.

I feel excluded, left out.

Why do I never see you

on a body like mine?

Am I unworthy of being seen in you?

I'm scared.

I need answers so I can feel safe.

What if I'm out having fun

and you offend someone?

Are my legs just too terrible to wear you?

I'm worried...

that people will disapprove.

Are you made for everyone BUT me?

I'm doing it.

It's hot and I'm tired of this.

What if I wear you and nothing happens?

What if everything turns out ok?

Do I owe it to myself to find out?

I'm so glad I did it.

I feel cool and comfy and CUTE.

What if someone else fears you the way I did?

What if I can inspire another woman

to wear you?

I'm not apologizing for you anymore.

You were made for me, too.

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