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Boudie Bank- the smart babe's guide to getting more!

The Boudie Bank is Bare Elegance Boudoir's official prepayment plan and it includes SO many perks. I had to take to the blog to make sure you know how hard we work to make our service accessible to babes on a budget!

Plus, it's the ONLY way to access our gorgeous ostrich feather angel wings!

For completing a Boudie Bank Prepayment Plan, you will receive:

- 10% off your prepaid package

- shooting with our exclusive angel wing set

- free Bedside Ice Block

Babes who use the Boudie Bank option can pay for their package over time AND save money! There are no additional fees when using the Boudie Bank- it's here to help!

When you prepay for our most popular package, your Boudie Bank cash discount offsets your full session fee!

You can download the full guide now when you click HERE!

Make sure you schedule your session a few months ahead if needed. Click HERE when you're ready to book your date!

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