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5 Hacks for Taking Yourself on a Date

Sometimes we all need to take ourselves out on a date. You know what I’m talking

about; the days when you just need some you-time with a little pampering and TLC to take away the tension. We at Bare Elegance Boudoir have you covered. Here are 5 pandemic-approved hacks to make those self-dating-days just a little more special, safe at home!


You’ve had a hard day, babes, and it’s time to unwind. Most of us these days hop in the

shower at night or in the morning, and we are losing opportunities to really treat ourselves!

When you get home in the evening, try filling up the bath with hot water, as hot as you can handle. While the water cools a little, light a few of your favorite candles (away from the curtains, please) and set your phone to your favorite playlist. Maybe it’s some slow jams to unwind or classical piano. Maybe you need to rock out to some Metallica to unwind, whatever floats your boat!

Then, toss in some bath bombs infused with essential oils to help you relax. These are

awesome, trust us, we have experience. Then, crack open your favorite bottle of wine,

champagne, or beer and let your worries melt away.

My favorite natural bath bombs can be found HERE

Go Out for Dinner - Outside

Being outside is great for relaxation, even if it’s just your front yard! Make your favorite

meal - or get it delivered! - and head outside with a blanket and a glass of wine. Take in the fresh air, the sounds of the outdoors (ignore any possible construction) and just relax, by yourself.

This is a great way to steal away an hour just for you. Hey, we've all got to eat, right? If you're feeling adventurous, check out some incredible recipes for ONE right HERE!

Take a Hike

We’re all guilty of living in pajamas some days, and with our new normal, it's easier than ever to avoid leaving home. But that can lead to some serious health issues in the long-run.

That's why a solo hike can be the perfect self-date! Make sure to choose a location that is public, well-lit, and maintained. Bring lots of water and maybe a little snack, and lace up those hiking boots. Now is the perfect time to enjoy nature and connect with yourSELF like never before. Sometimes a little adventure is just what we need to feel rejuvenated!

Living Room Dance Party!

That’s right, even when you’re stuck in your home, you can take some time

to treat yourself. Instead of letting cabin fever creep into your brain, fill it instead with your favorite tunes! By throwing on some Lady Gaga or your other favorite artists, you can turn a stressful situation into you-time and maybe even learn some new skills (P.S. have you tried twerking for confidence??)!

Book a Boudoir Shoot

We may be a bit biased, but booking a boudoir shoot is one of the best ways to do

something for you. Sure, you can use your partner as an excuse, but the experience is

personal. A day in our studio gives you the chance to be the center of attention for a change. Posing, modeling, getting dolled up and feeling like a goddess for a day can turn around your whole week, month, year, or more. When you need the world to slow down so you can give yourself some much-needed attention, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Ask us how to book your own boudoir session with Bare Elegance! Click HERE to get in touch!

Special thanks to contributing guest writer Kasey Schroer for her help in creating this blog <3

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