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Join the self-love revolution!

We believe that the right boudoir photoshoot experience can build confidence NOW, because your body is rockin' just the way it is.


A perfect boudoir photoshoot can help you reclaim the confidence you crave! You will finally see yourself as art through an artist's lens.​


Every woman can rock a boudoir shoot with a trusted professional! We specialize in photographing women of ALL shapes, sizes, and ages. Your beauty has nothing to do with any of these anyway.


Our clients are so photogenic, but sometimes they don't feel that way until I prove it to them. No worries, satisfaction is guaranteed.​


We believe that women who invest in themselves have happier lives.


Our mission is to provide women with the luxury experience they never knew they needed, right here in South Carolina.

Imagine having a treasure so beautiful, so luxurious, so undeniably stunning that it makes you feel like a queen!


Imagine a custom leather box containing an artisanal photo album full of portraits of YOU that you are obsessed with!


Imagine this treasure that makes you feel valuable, gorgeous, radiant, and CONFIDENT!


Imagine a treasure that can make you fall in love- with YOU!


Do you believe it is possible? Well, I KNOW it is, and if you stick around, I can show you!

We're in this together, babe!

Mrs. K

Once you’ve seen yourself as the sexy, stunning babe you are, suddenly those

magazines and talk shows... have less power. Sure, I still

occasionally wish I looked a little different, but when those thoughts creep up, I can pull up those pictures, remember how it felt, and suddenly I feel just like I did in the photoshoot all over again...It’s hard to argue with proof, and when that proof is just a click away, or as close as grabbing a book full of yourself looking like the goddess you are, fighting off those negative

feelings can be a lot easier.

Ms. A

This work is necessary. As women, we often receive negative messages about ourselves and our bodies at such a young age. It then takes a lifetime to overcome such ingrained ideas. This project, the photo shoot, was truly life changing. When I am having a day where I am not showing myself the love I deserve, I pull up a photo Ginny took, I look at that woman and finally see what others do.

Mrs. B

RAWR!! The session was everything! I was welcomed with a big smile and a personality so great it was impossible not to be excited.

I learned that I have a sensual side that has been hiding for years! I had fun with the poses and doing some poses and wearing some things that were outside my comfort zone. I have always been a firm believer that in order to grow from anything that there has to be some level of discomfort. If everything was easy, everyone would do it!

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Body Love is the ultimate journey.

Meet Your Photographer


Hi! I'm Ginny! It is my mission to make you feel empowered and beautiful! I am a wife and a mother to 3 beautiful girls. I am OBSESSED with creating incredible experiences for my clients. Babe, I get it, loving yourself is HARD. But after my first round of selfies in my studio, I was hooked on boudoir and what it can do for womens' confidence. My clients agree that my service builds MASSIVE confidence in just ONE session, and I can personally attest to this as an avid selfie queen. In fact, most of my clients choose to return again and again for more confidence-boosting boudoir portraits as the years go by. I created a service that puts the focus on YOU for a change! Click the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to get in touch with me today!

Ginny Connolly

1215b Friend St

Newberry, SC


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