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Loving Yourself is the Greatest Revolution


What is Boudoir?


Boudoir can be loosely defined as a genre of photography. Let's talk about the facts!

- Most women think that boudoir is something that you do as a gift for your partner. In reality, it is a gift for YOU!

- Boudoir=empowerment! A boudoir photography session builds confidence and promotes self-love! 

- Every woman can rock a boudoir shoot! We specialize in photographing women of ALL shapes, sizes, and ages. Your beauty has nothing to do with any of these anyway!

- Most of my clients do not even realize that they are so photogenic until they see their photographs!

- Women who invest in themselves have happier lives!


What does an empowered woman look like?


Amazing Transformations

I know what you're thinking. "These women are just beautiful! They have something that I don't have!" Well, you're correct; they are beautiful! However, they are not experienced models and they only have one thing that you don't: The Bare Babe Makeover!


Mrs. A is gorgeous! There is no doubt about that! My clients all arrive bare-faced and without styling their hair. Check out her look BEFORE she was transformed into a Bare Babe!


THIS is the final look after Mrs. A's Bare Babe Makeover! We enhanced her natural beauty with camera-ready makeup and we added a gorgeous curl and bounce to her hair! You can see that she's definitely feeling herself!

A "luxury boudoir experience" with Bare Elegance is a step towards: 

- Loving your body RIGHT NOW

- Rediscovering your sensuality

- Showcasing your beauty every day!

- Remembering not to be so hard on yourself!

And it's OK to live a little and make that investment in yourself! You are worth it!

You're Not Alone!

Love Notes

Mrs. K

I’m so very glad I did this. I have a history of not loving my body the way I should, and after years of working on realizing how wonderful she is, I have her (my body) the gift of a boudoir shoot! I was referred to Virginia by a dear friend, and was a touch nervous at first. I had gone in relatively blind, wanting to have a new experience, and Virginia was incredible! She sat me down with some snacks and beverages, talked about poses and what to expect, and put me immediately at ease. Throughout the shoot, I felt like Tess Holiday up in that place, with Virginia guiding me through each pose and making me feel like I was giving her a gift with each shot. Really, I can’t recommend her enough. And on top of that, she showed me her chickens and they are amazing. If/when I do this again, I know who I’ll call!

Mrs. S

What a great experience! From the moment I entered her cozy, private studio I felt at home and welcome. We sat and chatted for a while (which put me even further at ease—talking to Ginny is like talking to your best friend), and she offered me an array of refreshments from lemon water to champagne, as well as little tasty treats like cookies and chocolate cake. We discussed some different poses that I would be comfortable with, and she even provided some helpful photos of poses for me to add to the ones I had planned on (this woman is prepared and professional to the inth degree). I had brought my own outfit, but she also had several on hand to choose from, all of them flirty and sassy and all in larger sizes so that they would fit all clientele. The shoot itself was a blast; I felt so beautiful and Ginny was so encouraging (I don’t know how many times she said “yes! that’s perfect!”). I chose to do this in order to give my husband a special gift for the holidays, but it turns out that it was really a gift for myself. I left there feeling like a million bucks. I can’t wait to go back—I don’t think I can wait till his birthday, maybe some boudoir photos would make a nice St. Pat’s gift? I recommend Bare Elegance 100%!

Mrs. H

I made a decision to start doing things that make me uncomfortable. I went in nervous and not sure what to expect. And once everything was done I could not have been happier!! She was hysterical and made me laugh, which in turn made me relax. Her knowledge on poses, lighting, and background, etc. blew me away. In a setting so intimate she was professional and yet SO MUCH FUN at the same time.

If you take anything away from this know you will LOVE your pictures, you will have an absolutely delightful time, and you will walk away feeling more beautiful than ever before!

Take the plunge and go for it!

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Hi! I'm Ginny! It is my mission to make you feel empowered and beautiful! I am a wife and a mother to 3 beautiful girls. I am OBSESSED with creating incredible experiences for my clients. As a mother, I know that sometimes it seems that there aren't enough hours in the day to care for everyone around us AND to care for ourselves. That is why I created a service that puts the focus on YOU for a change!

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