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Connect with other women who are on a self-love journey.

Learn to see the beauty in your body no matter what you're wearing.

Experience confidence now, no matter what your future body goals may be.

Treat yourself to one perfect day of pampering.


Rely on our kind and supportive staff of women who specialize in helping you celebrate your beauty.

Bring the experience home with luxurious custom artwork in premium materials.

Enjoy the pride and confidence that comes with enjoying your artwork however you choose.

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We're in this together, babe!

Boudoir photography shower

Mrs. K

Once you’ve seen yourself as the sexy, stunning babe you are, suddenly those

magazines and talk shows... have less power. Sure, I still occasionally wish I looked a little different, but when those thoughts creep up, I can pull up those pictures, remember how it felt, and suddenly I feel just like I did in the photoshoot all over again...It’s hard to argue with proof, and when that proof is just a click away, or as close as grabbing a book full of yourself looking like the goddess you are, fighting off those negative

feelings can be a lot easier.

Boudoir Photography happy woman

Ms. A

This work is necessary. As women, we often receive negative messages about ourselves and our bodies at such a young age. It then takes a lifetime to overcome such ingrained ideas. This project, the photo shoot, was truly life changing. When I am having a day where I am not showing myself the love I deserve, I pull up a photo Ginny took, I look at that woman and finally see what others do.

Boudoir photography sexy woman

Mrs. B

RAWR!! The session was everything! I was welcomed with a big smile and a personality so great it was impossible not to be excited.

I learned that I have a sensual side that has been hiding for years! I had fun with the poses and doing some poses and wearing some things that were outside my comfort zone. I have always been a firm believer that in order to grow from anything that there has to be some level of discomfort. If everything was easy, everyone would do it!


Body Love is the ultimate journey.

Meet the Photographer


Hi! I'm Ginny! It is my mission to help women feel empowered and beautiful!


I am a wife and a mother to 3 beautiful girls, and I used to worry that my negative body image would affect the way my daughters feel when they look in the mirror as they grow up.


I believe that every person deserves to love themselves, and I couldn't stand by knowing that women were not being supported fully in their self-love journies.

My journey has shown me that all women are truly and wonderfully beautiful. 


This inspired me to create a service that helps women stop picking themselves apart when they look in the mirror.


To accept the fact that their body's marks and bumps and curves really don’t make them less beautiful at all. 


To discover their inherent worth and beauty as women.

I use my knowledge of photography to translate that philosophy into breathtaking artwork.


And that is Bare Elegance!

Ginny Connolly


1215b Friend St

Newberry, SC


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