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Dare to be real. Dare to shine.

Unlock your next level of confidence.


Boudoir photography is about celebrating you. It's about feeling beautiful and powerful and claiming your space in the world. When you step in front of our lens, you become the star of your own story. You're worth it, and we can help you show the world just how beautiful you are. Ready to join the revolution?


Our experience is a comprehensive, step-by-step process that transforms body image in one amazing day. Each guest's personalized boudoir experience guides her through the process of loving herself and feeling sexy at any size, shape, or age.

Women everywhere deserve an empowered, unapologetic life.


Hi! I'm Ginny! It is my mission to help women feel empowered and beautiful!


I am a wife and a mother to 3 beautiful girls, and I used to worry that my negative body image would affect the way my daughters feel when they look in the mirror as they grow up.


I believe that every person deserves to love themselves, and I couldn't stand by knowing that women were not being supported fully in their self-love journies.

My journey has shown me that all women are truly and wonderfully beautiful. 


This inspired me to create a service that helps women stop picking themselves apart when they look in the mirror.


To accept the fact that their body's marks and bumps and curves really don’t make them less beautiful at all. 


To discover their inherent worth and beauty as women.

I use my knowledge of photography to translate that philosophy into breathtaking artwork.


And that is Bare Elegance!

Ginny Connolly

Newberry, SC


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South Carolina's Five Star Boudoir Experience

Phenomenal! ...There is no effort, it absolutely is an amazing time playing dress up in the best way possible, hair and makeup make you look stunning…….bringing out your best qualities and making you shine... It was so difficult to choose from the many photos taken during my session. I am so over the top pleased with Bare Elegance that I am a repeat customer, I will return again in the future, I recommend Bare Elegance to all my female family and friends, and to you as well.

- Martie

I drove from Greensboro NC for a photo shoot. I was a little nervous but immediately meeting Virginia I was put at ease... After my hair & makeup was complete, she walked me through the process, helped me select the pieces I would be wearing & spent all day with me. Between the actual photo shoot & then reviewing & ordering my package, she made me feel like I was a VIP. I felt so empowered & comfortable in my own skin for the first time ever!
I will definitely be making the drive again soon for more fun!

- Lora

Most uplifting and best experience ever!! I love Ginny, she is so easy to get along with and knows everything about making you look great for your photos! The pictures came out better than I ever expected and I would 100% go back to her again!!

- Ashley

I recently had my 2nd photoshoot with Ginny, and it was the most empowering experience ever!! The pure amount of self-love and confidence I had during and after the shoot was just unexplainable. I have struggled with my body image for a couple of years now, but I can truly say that each time I’ve seen Ginny it was like getting a confidence boost that I’ve never had before! I felt beautiful and comfortable during the entire session. I will always brag about her skills and personality to my friends and clients. If you’ve ever considered having a boudoir shoot in your future, this is your sign!!

- Hanna


Now accepting appointments for Summer 2024
Guests can choose their adventure by reserving a studio session, an outdoor session, or a combination of both.

Outdoor appointments can be reserved for dates through October 2024.
I'm here to help every woman step into her life with more confidence and self-worth, and I have made it my business to transform the way we love ourselves. Your new perspective starts right here.

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