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Join our self-love revolution

and begin living your life with the confidence you deserve.


Boudoir photography is about celebrating you. It's about feeling beautiful and powerful and claiming your space in the world. When you step in front of our lens, you become the star of your own story. You're worth it, and we can help you show the world just how beautiful you are. Ready to join the revolution?


Invest in YOU to develop the body image of your dreams. Our experience is a comprehensive, step-by-step process that helps you transform your body image and confidence level in one amazing day. Developed by Virginia Connolly, each boudoir experience guides you through the process of loving yourself and feeling sexy at any size, shape, or age.

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Body Love is the ultimate journey.

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Hi! I'm Ginny! It is my mission to help women feel empowered and beautiful!


I am a wife and a mother to 3 beautiful girls, and I used to worry that my negative body image would affect the way my daughters feel when they look in the mirror as they grow up.


I believe that every person deserves to love themselves, and I couldn't stand by knowing that women were not being supported fully in their self-love journies.

My journey has shown me that all women are truly and wonderfully beautiful. 


This inspired me to create a service that helps women stop picking themselves apart when they look in the mirror.


To accept the fact that their body's marks and bumps and curves really don’t make them less beautiful at all. 


To discover their inherent worth and beauty as women.

I use my knowledge of photography to translate that philosophy into breathtaking artwork.


And that is Bare Elegance!

Ginny Connolly

Newberry, SC


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