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What NOT to bring to your boudoir session...

Hey babe! I'm so excited that you are here. We talk a lot about alllllll of the wonderful things that we encourage you to bring with you for your boudoir shoot, but what about the things we do NOT want in our studio?

Read on to learn the top 3 things I want you to leave at home when you're having your boudoir experience!

1- Negative Self Talk

This is the #1 most important thing to try to leave behind on the day of your session. Listen, it's brave as HELL that you have decided to get out of your comfort zone- to give yourself the opportunity to learn something about YOU!

You are a fearless warrior queen who has the incredible ability to do things that you KNOW will benefit you, even if they are hard.

So, just for one day, try to leave those negative comments behind.

Don't worry, I'm a pro at gently steering conversations away from negative self-talk so I can totally help out if you start to spiral down that path!

#2- Lingerie that you wore a year ago

Hey, I'm all about reusing items from the past. If you have lingerie that has stood the test of time, by all means, bring it!

Just make sure you try it on FIRST!

One of the wonderful traits that all bodies possess is the ability to change shape and size!

This is so important as we navigate our lives and bring our dreams to life. You can count on it, your body WILL change.

So if you want to bring that wedding night lingerie, or that nostalgic piece that you used to love, just make sure to try it on first. Even if you still wear the same clothing size, you may notice that a piece just doesn't make you FEEL the way it once did.

Don't worry, if you don't have lingerie that you LOVE, you can always borrow pieces from the client wardrobe in the studio. All of the pieces that I select for the in-house wardrobe are flattering in portraits, and I accommodate sizes XS thru 4X!

#3- Your go-to poses and facial expressions

That's right. I want you to leave all of your normal "photo faces" at home when you come in for your boudoir session!

The thing is, I have a WONDERFUL posing system that allows us to create candid, effortless, breathless, passionate moments with no experience as a model whatsoever.

Boudoir photos are very different from your average selfie. We want to convey emotion with each portrait. Each pose and angle combination tells a story, and each facial expression should be cohesive and intentional.

So trust the process, trust your photographer, and just follow along. We will cover the range of feminine beauty from innocence, joy, and playfulness to seduction, intimacy, and vulnerability!

Don't worry, you will get the chance to use your selfie face in your photoshoot if you would like- we just want to make sure to show you ALL of your best expressions. So leave the thought that you have to look one certain way behind and embrace your beauty!!

Now before you go, make sure you have joined our online community of empowered women! The Bare Babes Lounge on Facebook is THE place for body-positive womxn. See you there!

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