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Tropical Suite- Studio Spotlight

Last week we featured our signature set in the studio- Modern Elegance. Today, come with me on a tour of our second luxurious space "Tropical Suite" with opulent vibes and tons of texture.

Our second set in the studio is centered around a full bed decked out in faux furs, shining metallic throw pillows and sheets, and varying textured throws.

The bed changes frequently as I love to mix it up and explore the varying effects I can achieve in this space.

The unexpectedness of a turquoise accent wall adds a flattering pop of color to the Tropical Suite. The name of this set is an ode to the majesty palms that provide texture and interesting layers for all babes lucky enough to be photographed here.

The "booty wall" is one of my favorite spots in the entire studio for classic, flattering booty shots.