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Top Three Makeup Products for Date Night

Makeup and Photo By Bare Elegance

When you go on a date, you need makeup that will go the distance! Your night doesn't have to end with your makeup melting in a steamy date night makeout session! I reached out to my friend and professional makeup artist Jenna Voorhees recently. I wanted to collaborate with her to bring valuable makeup tips to the ladies in my community! She kindly agreed to share with me her top three makeup products for date night. Read on for pro tips from Jenna with Studio J in Chapin, SC!

1) Primer- Primer helps your skin get ready to accept foundation. It can act as a sort of blurring and smoothing tool, and is like Velcro between skin and makeup. It’s important to find a primer that doesn’t fight your foundation (silicon goes with silicon, water based goes with water based, etc). If you’re primer doesn’t match your foundation, you’ll experience separation! You can find primers that create matte or dewy looks as well. My favorite is the Mary Kay Foundation Primer. It is silicon based, feels like rose petals and fills in any fine lines or acne scarring creating a flawless look perfect for date night. 

2) Setting Powder- Whether you have normal, combination, dry, or oily skin, a little setting powder can help keep your makeup in place, and not all over his shirt collar. For added coverage, find one that matches your skin tone and foundation. If you’re highlight and contour is already perfectly placed, stipple or buff a translucent powder on, focusing on the parts of your face that tend to be a little more oily or shiny. Again I use Mary Kay’s Translucent Setting Powder on a daily basis. Airspun is widely loved among makeup enthusiasts as well and can be found at your local drug store. P.S. Avoid flash back by choosing one that doesn’t have any SPF!

3) Setting or Finishing Spray- It doesn’t matter what you use or how you like to wear your makeup, finishing spray is the #1 key to your makeup lasting all day (and night) long. This is a step I NEVER skip. It goes on every single one of my brides. I’ve never had to do a touch up on anything but lipstick for a  bride, and they stay looking flawless through getting ready, their ceremony, a million photos, and the best party of their life. These products LOCK in that look for optimal longevity of your makeup.  Can you guess my favorite? Mary Kay’s Makeup Finishing Spray. Before I discovered my love for MK products, I was an Urban Decay “All Nighter” fan! Wonderful product. Both MK and UD’s formulas are created by a company called Skindinavia. I’ve personally used and loved both... great products! 

Jenna will be joining us in October for our Calendar Girl Quickies at Edisto! She is offering her hair and makeup service as an add-on to complete the glamorous experience! I hope everyone makes the wise decision to let Jenna take care of that for them, and I cannot wait to collaborate with her on this and many more projects!

Keep an eye on the VIP group for all the latest info on the Calendar Girl Quickies!

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