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The Beauty in the Shadows

Are you afraid of the dark? I don't mean when the lights go out.

I'm talking about the deeper part of yourself where your emotions live.

The fact is, we all struggle with our emotions. We all have feelings and thoughts that reside in the shadows of our minds.

This is where our perfectly valid boundaries go to hide away forever.

The needs that have been ignored or caused shame? They live there, too.

Sometimes the shadow feels overwhelming and we begin to doubt ourselves, or we lose our creative spark or relationships with friends.

The fact is, ignoring the shadows only causes them to grow. That can look like self-loathing, anxiety, codependency, and even dishonesty with ourselves and others.

So how do we stop ignoring those deep, dark issues that have been causing us pain? We shine a light on them!

We created the limited edition Filme Noire photoshoot to explore the shadows of the feminine form. It's gritty, because this work is tough, and it takes strength to dig deep and find where our body image comes from.

Embracing our shadows allows us to know ourselves more fully and give ourselves the respect and care that we deserve. Filme Noire celebrates the shadow self and integrates it as a natural part of who we are.

Our South Carolina boudoir studio is a place of acceptance, compassion, and creative vision. Through our process, women across the Carolinas can find clarity and positivity about their body image no matter their age, weight, or size. They can see the beauty in the shadows and begin an undeniable journey towards loving themselves more fully.

If you would like to be pampered in our Fall Creative Sessions, click HERE to get the details and check availability.

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