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Modern Elegance- Studio Spotlight

The Bare Elegance studio is truly unlike any other. Featuring a diverse mix of sets, our studio provides the utmost variety in our client's portrait collections.

Ranging from warm and cozy, to bright and tropical and beyond, this carefully curated 700 square foot space is my little paradise and I can't wait to share it with you!

Enjoy our Studio Spotlight on this weeks featured set: Modern Elegance. It's our signature set where we start all of our photo sessions, and it embodies the Bare Elegance style perfectly.

All of our sessions start with a warm up set in the front space of the studio. The first part of the Modern Elegance set is deceptively simple- a grey wall with gorgeous window light.

This initial posing will allow you to get a feel for following my instructions and this will build your confidence at the very beginning. Your fears will melt away as you realize that this boudoir thing isn't so hard at all!

Our modern grey sectional sofa combines clean modern lines and a neutral base with feminine jewel-toned pillows in a variety of textures, and it anchors the Modern Elegance set.

This color combination is flattering of all skin tones, and the natural window light makes our babes glow!

Our massive front window provides a gorgeous opportunity for dramatic back lit photographs. I will use this diffused window light to shape your body as I strategically pose you throughout the set.

The Modern Elegance set is only one of our four carefully decorated spaces. Check out the full tour HERE! Make sure to scroll down the "Your Experience" page to see all of our fabulous videos featuring our empowering portraits!

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