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I Did a Boudoir Shoot - Here’s Why You Should, Too

Hey, Babes! Guest writer Kasey Stuart-Schroer here to tell you about my experience as a Model-For-a-Day in a boudoir shoot. It was an empowering journey, and I can’t say enough about it. Here’s what it was like!

Prepping for the Shoot My first shoot with Virginia at Bare Elegance Boudoir was around Christmastime last year. I’d decided to do something a little sexy for my husband as a gift, and figured this was a great way to snag a unique gift for him while doing a little something for myself along the way. Look babes, I’m not exactly a size two, and I’ve struggled with self image for as long as I can remember, so this was a big thing, and I was terrified. What if I didn’t like the pictures? What if I saw them and realized that I’m actually NOT sexy?! But look, I’m nothing if not determined, so I reached out to Virginia about things like outfits and how to prepare. She was AMAZING. She walked me through everything, and as I went shopping for some slinky lingerie, I felt at ease.

The Day Of So I get up that day, tell my husband to leave me alone for a few hours so I can get his Christmas gifts, and head to the studio. Then I get dressed. Privately. Which was suspicious because my honey and I usually dress in the bedroom at the same time in the morning, but that would have given the game away immediately, because I was slapping on lingerie like a mad person and trying to find sweaters that would cover all of the bells and whistles. I was so nervous that I barely hugged him goodbye for fear that he would notice something...different.

Of course it never crossed my mind that I could JUST CHANGE WHEN I GOT TO THE STUDIO, so keep that in mind, babes, and save yourself some grief. In any case, I got to the studio and was greeted by Virginia with a welcome hug and, glory be, a glass of champagne! I’m not even ashamed to say I downed it like a man lost in the desert for a week, and Virginia talked me through how things would go. I slipped out of my outer layer, realizing as I did so that this woman is officially the ONLY PERSON OTHER THAN MY HUSBAND who has seen me this close to naked since my mom still had to change my clothes for me.