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Glamour and Grace - Ms. J's Story

Mrs. J is one of our Body Love Project ambassadors! We created this project as a way to help empower women who have been struggling with loving their body fully. None of us are perfect, few of us love ourselves completely, but all of us are worthy of self-acceptance. Read on to find out what brought Mrs. J to the Body Love Project with Bare Elegance.

"I’ve struggled with my self confidence most of my life, especially after having children and getting older. I’ve realized, especially in today’s world and now that I have teenagers that women are never happy with their bodies. This upsets me because you only live once and you need to enjoy it. I’ve lost people over the last couple years and that has really changed my perspective on many things. I’ve decided to make positive changes and to focus on bettering myself mentally, physically and spiritually! "

"I would have to say my best features are my sweet, silly personality along with boobs and butt lol! I want to stay classy but show the sensual side as well."

It was important to Mrs. J that she remain within her comfort zone for her session. She wanted to leave a little something to the imagination. We achieved a perfect balance for her session and she left the studio feeling absolutely gorgeous! Her photos reflect her personality and also the the luminous beauty that comes from within!

This is Mrs. J's wish for you. When asked what she wants other women to think and feel when viewing her photos, she answered:

"I want them to love themselves and set a good example for other young women. You can be classy and sexy!"

-And she's absolutely right!

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