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3 Products to Keep in Your Nightstand

Bare Elegance teamed up with Pure Romance Representative Michel'le Ruff to bring you 3 saucy ideas to spice up your nightlife! Read on to find out if one of these sexy ideas might be right for you!

1. Water-based Lubricant

Water-based lubricant is important because it is designed to enhance pleasurable activity whether it’s couples play, solo play, or vibrating bedroom accessory use. Water-based lubricant moisturizes and lubricates to add pleasure and comfort to sexual activity and supplements the female body’s natural lubrication. Water based lubricant protects the vaginal walls during intercourse to prevent small microscopic tears that can lead up to scar tissue build up. Water based lubricant helps sexual activity become more playful because it eases movements and prevents uncomfortable friction. Water based lubricant can be flavored as well! Try the Original or Sugar Glazed Donut from Pure Romance called Just Like Me!

2. Clitoral Massagers

Clitoral massagers can be used to apply a vibrating massage to the clitoris during solo or couples play. Scientifically speaking, 80% to 85% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm! That's a LOT of women! If you're not having orgasms, maybe it is time to explore your own body! Clitoral massagers are perfect for self sexual exploration or enhancing couples play. Helpful features to look for when finding the right clitoral massager is, to make sure it is water resistant, usb rechargeable, and that it offers different functions so you can find what works best for you! Try the Premiere finger tip clitoral massager from Pure Romance!

3. Blindfolds!

Blindfolds can be used to spice up the bedroom! By using a blindfold and taking away your sight, this heightens all your other senses. Using a blindfold can help you gain trust in your partner, and allows your partner to handle you with care although you cannot see what what they are doing. A sexy game to try with a blind fold would be find a few items like ice, string or rope, silk and a feather or something soft. Take these items and massage your partner with the different items to see if they can identify them while blindfolded. Just place the blindfold over their eyes and tell them to enjoy the experience!

Have you tried one of these products before? What is your favorite bedroom accessory?

Special thanks to Michel'le Ruff and Pure Romance! Shop her products by clicking here:


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